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  • Trish Bouldin

Small Town USA Highlight

Have you ever thought about what it's like to live in "Small Town USA"? Well, as a recent transplant to such a place I can attest to the beauty and wonder of it all! Growing up in sunny Southern California I have known life to be bustling, filled with people (and traffic!), and for the most part perpetually 75+ degrees. Then came our 2000 mile move to Fayetteville, TN in the spring of 2017. Did you know that there really are four actual seasons?? I didn't! And freeway traffic? Doesn't exist. Bustling people? Nope. Slower pace, slower cars, eye contact is made, smiles are shared, and small talk is rampant.

Fayetteville is a small town that was established in 1809, it's claim to fame comes from it's infamous Camp Blount and the battle stories of the War of 1812. The square at the center of town is exactly what you would picture a historic site to be. There is a quaint courthouse surrounded with relics and memorabilia from years gone by. Every side of the courthouse square is littered with small mom'n'pop stores, lawyers offices, nostalgic cafes and restaurants, and even and old-time theater complete with a full display of decorative lights in the evening. Everything about the square screams of old town charm and "small town USA".

One of the most memorable events we have found to come out of our amazing new home is The Host of Christmas Past. "The Host" as it's lovingly called by long time residents is a charming annual tradition that is held the second weekend of each November. Trees and corners along the square don their Christmas decor, each shop window is filled to the brim with icicles and mistletoe to highlight their goodies. Friday evenings tree lighting ceremony outside the courthouse kicks off a three day adventure that Fayetteville residents look forward to with Christmas glee! Ebenezer Scrooge will stroll the picturesque streets and offer pennies to children. Santa himself will roll in from the North Pole to hear Christmas wishes and take pictures with little ones. From Reindeer Pancakes to singers in the gazebo, there is non-stop Christmas activities and sites for the duration of the weekend. It's almost overwhelming to the small town newcomer in all it's yuletide entirety!

Truth be told, however, it is one of the events that sealed our undying affection and love of being a part of Small Town USA. Our move to Fayetteville has been filled with blessings and wonder and there is no way after tasting its goodness we could ever return to the teeming land of Southern California. There is no higher recommendation we can give to anyone seriously considering a move to a place where time rolls back and the American dream shines through! If you ever decide to be a part of that dream, let us here at Team Gatlin help make it come true! We would love to be a part of finding your little piece of heaven here in Small Town USA!

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