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  • Trish Bouldin

Why A Historic Home?

A historic home is one deemed "architecturally significant" by National Registries, or by a local historical board. It represents a signature architectural style, captures a specific time period, and can even be associated with a famous person or event from the past. So why pursue an interest in owning a historic home? Well, here's a few fun reasons why!

Reason 1: #beautyintheeyeofthebeholder Historic homes tend to be aesthetically pleasing, that can be a huge magnet to certain homebuyers! These homes are unmatched in architecture and have withstood the test of time. Another silver lining? It most assuredly does NOT look like the tract home down the street!

Reason 2: #allaboutthetaxbreak Many states and local governments offer certain tax incentives, tax credits, or even lower interest rates for restoring or preserving a historic home structure. Now while you do have to qualify for these tax perks, and it definitely won't make you rich, still, they're benefits you wouldn't otherwise have when buying a newer home!

Reason 3: #historynerdsbiggestdream Charming characteristics aside, a true historic home will have its own unique history and story behind it. In the walls of that home lived who knows how many previous owners--all with their own interesting history. If you're a history buff who adores the idea of a house having it's own personal story then living in a historic home is the way to go!

Reason 4: #breakawayfromthemodern Do you have an "old soul" that bends away from modern lines and a more contemporary look? Bright stainless steel and a sleeker style are not for everybody. If you are a person who craves a more vintage and time-honored feel then a historic home may be a great fit!

These are just a few reasons why a historic home may be something to interest you! Stay tuned for more blog posts that list pros/cons and some historical home buying tips! Till then, keep up to date with historical home listings with Team Gatlin, let them help you will all your real estate needs!

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