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  • Trish Bouldin

Safety Measures in Place!

We are living in a time that is very different from the "norm" we are all familiar with. Though things around us have temporarily changed, life is still moving on. Many people are still in the position of needing to sell or buy a home. So how can we in the real estate world make this a safe experience? Well, Team Gatlin and Leading Edge Real Estate Group have put together a plan that ensures a safe and efficient way to keep on keeping on!

#takeadvantageoftechnology - Technology is our friend! The internet has turned into a huge blessing in this time of social distancing! Never has it been more convenient to browse homes and search details online. Team Gatlin and Leading Edge Real Estate Group have ongoing active listings that can be accessed through a variety of means. FB, Twitter, Instagram, Zillow, are just a few of the resources available for your perusal. Take advantage of the professional pictures, the aerial views and in many cases the 3D tour of the homes you are interested in. You may be surprised at just how much detail you will get through some thorough online research! To take it one step further, get your agent on the phone and let them "walk you through" the pictures and presentation as you navigate them. They can answer questions, explain details, and have a ready answer for anything you may need for a particular home!

#unoccupiedhomesareagoodfit - A few empty homes may be an exception! We have a few agents who are taking some extra precautions and still making allowances for walk thrus of unoccupied homes. If this is something that appeals to you rest assured that our agent will be at the home wiping and cleaning before your arrival. He/She will have cabinets open, closets open, etc., so that you will be able to actively see the details in the home. Our agent will allow access to the home then remain either outside or in their vehicle during your tour. At the end questions or concerns may be discussed from the safely appointed 6 ft distance or may be concluded via phone or video chat. At this time due to the ongoing concerns of the Coronavirus we are discouraging the tours of any occupied homes for the safety of our agents as well as the families involved.

#becreativeinyourthinking - This is a day to think outside of the box! Just because things may look a little different at the moment doesn't mean you can't buy or sell your home! My husband and I just closed on our own home two weeks ago and safely signed every document in the privacy of our own room at the mortgage company. Every company is taking strides to adhere to the safety regulations set for by federal and state authorities, so rest assured that your dream of owning a home can still become your reality! Find new and different ways to talk to your agent. Social media is a huge benefit right now, utilize it to your advantage!

While Team Gatlin and all of Leading Edge Real Estate Group are following safety measures please talk to your agent about particulars for you. Our agents are being trained and guided daily with updates to keep both them AND you safe. The housing market is still in great shape, folks, now is the time to find that home you've been dreaming of or to sell and cash in on your current home. Let Team Gatlin and Leading Edge Real Estate walk you through the process, SAFELY!! No need to fear, our Team is Here!! Leading Edge Real Estate Group Team Gatlin 1423 Huntsville Highway Fayetteville, TN 37334 Office (931) 433-4070 Susan Gatlin - Team Gatlin Lead Agent/Broker - (256) 424-5378 Charlie Sullivan - Team Gatlin Agent - (931) 308-5309 Vivian Fisher - Team Gatlin Agent - (931) 224-1928

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