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Community Involvement is IMPORTANT

Do you own a business? Are you employed in the community you live in? Does your work life put you in contact with other people in your immediate area? If you answered "YES" to any of these questions then this article is for you! The best way to see and BE seen is through involvement in your community. Think of it as marketing yourself; the more people see you, know you, associate you with the community....the better that is for your business and interactions. I know, it sounds daunting to allow yourself to be involved in anything "extra". Besides work you probably have a family, responsibilities, endless ways you want to be spending your time. But let's face it, the community you live directly shapes your quality of life. It's in your best interest to be an active participant. There are so many ways to enmesh yourself in such a manner that doesn't add too much to your plate! Here's just a few suggestions: 1. Find a local Board of Directors that speaks to you. #leadership Every town has boards....sports, leadership, preservation, you name it there's probably a board for it. Becoming an integral part of a board enables you to make connections that can have far outlying reaches. Another noted perk is that relationships built on a board can turn into lifelong friendships, commonalities of purpose tend to do that! Find you a board, you won't be sorry.

2. Find a Volunteer Opportunity. #volunteer What are some of the pressing needs in your particular community? Animal shelter? Homeless outreach? Food program? Children's advocacy? Plugging into the volunteer system of your area gives back in so many ways. By allowing yourself to give of your time and resources you not only make important connections, but you further improve your own communities standards of care. Lives are changed when we volunteer, our own included!

3. Engage in local sports programs. #sports Engaging in sports is an American tradition. As children we long to be a part of a "team" and relish those moments tossing a softball around, even when we are truly horrible at it! As adults we have a chance to pour back into children through local sports programs. Just to list a few volunteer positions that always seem to be needed: coaches, referees, snack and food volunteers, facility maintenance, and the list goes on. This one may involve a few more hours, but hey, it's only for a season!

Becoming a presence in your community through involvement is vital. Not only does it help your community thrive, but it radiates wellness in you! There's something to be said for the satisfaction you receive when you feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself. Check out your local area and see where you fit in, you won't be sorry!

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