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FALL into Real Estate Fun for 2021

Looking for a way to keep the real estate world fun? Check out today's blog to follow a few of Team Gatlin's fun fall ideas! The world of real estate in 2021 is unpredictable at best. We are seeing listings fly off the shelf the minute they go active, and often at higher than listing prices. People are flooding out of states with higher taxes not compensated by large wage increases, thus increasing the influx into certain states. There are so many reasons "why" but the ultimate bottom line is that houses ARE selling....and they are selling quickly at higher prices than in the recent past. So with all these facts floating about, how is it possible to still maintain a FUN experience for home buyers and sellers?'s what Team Gatlin has found to be an effective way to keep smiles in abundance! #SOCIALMEDIAMATTERS - Using Social Media as a creative outlet. Let's face it, we live in the age of social media. If you want anyone to see you, recognize your services, and WANT what you have to have to market yourself on media! To really drive this home know your generations. "Boomers" are definitely more drawn to Facebook, so keep those posts coming! "Gen-X" are across the field the easiest to reach. They use it all: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, name it, they are on it. "Millennials" are your Instagram crowd. They are all about the quick, short videos that spike an interest. Lastly, our "Gen-Z" crowd are definitely into the TikTok scene. They are less likely to read any content...they want to hear it, watch it, and laugh at it. Knowing your social media platforms and how to use them to your best advantage is going to put your real estate business in the forefront of your audience! #COMMUNITYINVOLVEMENT - Get out and about in your community. We here at Team Gatlin are huge advocates of being an active part of the community. While we definitely serve anyone from across the nation, we especially cater to our locals. They are "home" and we want to be as active a part of that as we can. Our team has chosen to get involved in leadership capacities throughout our community. We involve ourselves in community outreaches and events....not only to serve, but to make sure Team Gatlin is represented in a positive light as a contributing part of our community! #MAKETHEOFFICEENJOYABLE - Keep the office environment lively. Our team thrives in effectiveness because we truly love being a part of a cohesive unit. From agents to support staff, we truly enjoy each other and that rubs off into the office life. We laugh together, we celebrate each other's accomplishments, and we share life as we navigate along side one another. Weekly communications are key. Make sure you stay united in your office! #KEEPOURCLIENTSHAPPY - Helping our clients enjoy their journey. A key to making real estate fun is making sure the joy we share in the office as a team rolls over into our client care. Our agents do their best to work closely with each family, be it seller or buyer. They learn each family, their likes, their dislikes, and they cater to each family individually. That's one of the best things about having a TEAM of Agents....we have a little something for everyone! Want a fun agent who loves nature and doesn't mind getting out and about? Susan Allen is your girl, she always has her boots ready to go traipsing across a wet marsh. Want someone with an outgoing personality who will literally never stop smiling? Our fearless leader, Susan Gatlin, is the woman for you! How about someone who loves jokes and has the best sense of humor for miles? Vivian Fisher can literally make anyone grin from ear to ear! Looking for a man who knows so many trivia facts it will make your head spin? Charlie Sullivan has so much knowledge, from music to cars and everything in between! Maybe you're a younger client who wants someone who sees life thru your eyes? Our very own Libby Jump is gorgeous inside and out and is on fire for the real estate world! These are just a few ways we work here at Team Gatlin to make the real estate world FUN!! If you are looking to buy or sell, let us be the key to your future. There's nothing this team can't make enjoyable!!

Leading Edge Real Estate Group 1423 Huntsville Hwy, Suites A & B Team Gatlin Fayetteville, TN 37334 Agent Susan Gatlin (256) 424-5378 Agent Charlie Sullivan (931) 308-5309 Agent Vivian Fisher (931) 224-1928 Agent Susan Allen (406) 799-1311 Agent Libby Jump (256) 361-9670 Fayetteville Office (931) 433-4070

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