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  • Elijah Arnold

Fun Facts from Lincoln County

Did you know Davy Crockett once lived in Fayetteville/Lincoln County, TN? First, here is a little back story on Davy Crockett: Davy Crockett, born on August 17th, 1786, in Greene County, Tennessee, led a predominantly rural lifestyle. In August 1806, he entered marriage with Mary Finley. In early 1809, the couple relocated to Bedford County, TN, which later merged with Lincoln County. It was during this time that Davy became renowned for his hunting, survival, and exploration skills within the local community. While residing in Bedford County, Davy and Mary welcomed the birth of their two sons, John Wesley, and William Finley, with additional children arriving in subsequent years. In 1811, the Crockett family moved to Mulberry Creek, an area that encompasses parts of present-day Lincoln County and Moore County, including the modern-day Lynchburg, TN, renowned as the home of Jack Daniels Distillery. During this period, the entire region was considered part of Lincoln County. They established a homestead and resided there until approximately 1814. Davy went on to join forces with Andrew Jackson and had a significant meeting at Camp Blount, which now occupies the site of the present-day Walmart in Fayetteville. Recently, this historic location has been transformed into a sizable park in commemoration of its significance, located near the Elk River bridge. Davy continued to live an eventful life until his tragic death in 1836, as he valiantly fought for Texas at the Alamo. The unexpected connection between Lincoln County and one of America's greatest pioneers, Davy Crockett, reveals the intriguing historical ties that exist within the region.

Written by: Elijah Arnold

Information Source: Bobby Glenn Lanier- “Davy Crockett Lived Here” from "Heritage Of Lincoln County Tennessee" History Book

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