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Holiday Home Selling Tips

On the average, winter holiday season is not a premiere time to sell a home. Most showings aren't condusive due to weather, school year is in full swing, and a majority of people are focused on planning their holiday season.

With that being said, however, there are a few benefits we can come up with for selling your home during this time of year. One perk: selling your home in the winter equals less competition....most people sell in the summer or spring months. Another side note is that many people take time off of work during the season. This leaves their schedules wide open to hit the market and peruse home listings. Here's a few Team Gatlin tips for anyone looking for a Christmas miracle in selling their home! 1) #setthestage - Staging Matters! A particular benefit of selling a home during the holidays is that it can work to your advantage as far as staging. Typically, our homes shine this time of year! Making your home a warm and inviting space with beautiful seasonal decor can be a positive. Buyers can potentially see themselves there during this cozy time and envision their own decorations and tree placement. Keep in mind to keep the decorations elegant and simple. Going overboard can block the homes features so there has to be a good balance! Have a fireplace? Make it a focal point. Baking for the holidays? Do so before a viewing so that your house smells like a warm batch of cookies.

2) #curbappealimportance - Let the curb speak! Winter can be a challenge as far as landscaping goes. But this doesn't mean that a winterized lawn can't be an asset! Don't neglect the curb appeal. Keep your walkways shoveled and debris free. Use special lighting for your path and walkways. Put a holiday mat by the door that welcomes the client and helps build the holiday spirit. Showcase what your home can look like with some outside decor.

3) #keepitaffordable - Price speaks volumes! A good listing agent will work with you to develop the perfect price strategy in your area! They will use localized data and current numbers to give you the best price to ask for.

If you’re selling during the holidays, it’s not the time to haggle. On the average it's considered a better bet during this holiday to price your home right from the start rather than leaving room for reductions. People are less likely to haggle this time of year, best to price it right right out of the gate!

4) #agentsareanasset - Work with a reliable real estate agent! Make sure you work with a reliable agent who has a solid reputation. Last thing you want to worry about is your agent going rouge in light of holiday festivities! Be vocal and clear with your agent in your communication and stay in contact throughout the season. When you’re choosing an agent, you might ask them if they’ve ever sold a house during the holiday season before.

5) #showingflexibility - Be willing to work with people's schedules! Know in advance that people's schedules get hectic around the holidays. Now may not be the time to host lavish Christmas or New Years parties. May be a better bet to leave an open calendar for agents to schedule showings on a moments notice. Learn to be flexible and accessible when it comes to showings of your home.

6) #focusonfeatures - Feature the features! Now is a great time to highlight your homes features. In a harsh winter it's a great time to give focus to your excellent water heater, or your well insulated roofing. Let buyers know that your home is well-equipped for severe weather. Attached and enclosed garages can be featured as a definite high note. Highlight reasons your home is a good buy this time of year and work it to your advantage!

The holidays don't have to be a "no-go" as far as listing your home. Our Team Gatlin agents work hard year round to ensure that all our clients real estate needs are met. Give us a call this holiday season and let us put our Christmas magic to work for you!

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Agent Susan Gatlin (256) 424-5378 Agent Charlie Sullivan (931) 308-5309 Agent Vivian Fisher (931) 224-1928

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