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I'm Dreaming of a LOCAL Christmas

Tis the season! In our quaint community of Lincoln County, specifically Fayetteville, TN the holidays are a very big deal. Our "Host of Christmas Past" event is known for counties around and gaining in notoriety every year. The website describes the event as "Celebrating a tradition that began nearly 50 years ago when The Flower House hosted a Christmas Open House. Other businesses and organizations began participating in what is now the Host of Christmas Past. Each year, on the second weekend in November, downtown Fayetteville becomes the setting for a magical holiday experience. With an array of music, food, exhibits, shops, candlelight and Christmas spirit the entire community joins together to promote qualities of our town."

As a transplant to this beautiful little town I have seen firsthand what this event does for our economy, our community outlook, our town morale, and our overall holiday spirit! People come from all over southern middle Tennessee to kick off their Christmas shopping and get a taste of what a small town Christmas is all about. Where else can you run into Ebenezer Scrooge handing out coins to the kiddos? Where else can you be serenaded by traveling carolers in authentic 1800's garb? Where else can you ride in a horse drawn carriage while watching littles have a snowball fight on the side of the road? Where else can you stroll a cemetery by candlelight and hear the stories of past generations from actors galore? This is just a small list of the fun activities that are lined up over the two days of celebrations.

You may ask yourself why this event is so important? To be honest, it's important to the well-being of our small town. 2020 has hit communities across the nation pretty hard, hard enough in fact, that many are faltering. Stores are closing, private businesses are suffering, and people everywhere are trying to make ends meet in all new ways. We know that large corporations and entities will muscle through, but what about our local mom'and'pop stores out there? Let's get out there and throw our support behind our fellow Americans and keep them going! Now is the time to shop local, dream local, support local, and BE an active local in our community!

So pack those wallets, grab that checkbook and put this year's Host on your calendar! While you're out there enjoying the festivities keep a look out for our Team Gatlin agents and staff! They'll be strolling the scene all weekend and will be available to help walk you through the real estate world in this holiday season. I, for one, really am dreaming of a local Christmas.....and I can't wait to see y'all there as well!

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