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Keep Cool with Summer Selling!

While spring and fall are generally seen as the most popular time of year to put your home on the market, don't overlook listing in the summer months! True points: vacations are happening, kids are out of school, and summer activities are in full swing. With that being said, however, people are also getting new jobs, relocating to new towns before school begins, and looking for homes with great outside areas to spend their summer days! If you are not wanting to hold off for those fall days here are some tips to list your home in the heat of summer and have a successful outcome!!

Create a Summer Curb Appeal - #wowthemwiththeshine Exterior curb appeal is a must! Grass grows in abundance this time of year so make sure the lawns are mowed at least twice a week! Water it generously to avoid a burnt look and keep those bushes and shrubs trimmed. Plant a few flowers to add a pop of color and consider painting your house number on the curb or aesthetically on the mailbox for flair!

Make the Most of Outdoor Living Space - #thegreatoutdoors Who doesn't love enjoying the weather during summer evenings? If you have an incredible outdoor deck, BBQ area or is the moment to highlight it! Stage it in a way that accentuates the surrounding area and invites buyers to want to sit a spell and enjoy the ambiance!

Keep it all Cool - #thecoldneverbotheredyouanyway An important tip for selling a home during the summer season is to make sure the home stays cool! There's nothing worse than walking inside from summer heat and feeling....well, the summer heat. Get that air in the home circulating and keep the AC down at a comfortable level. It's also a way to showcase the power of your HVAC, always important!

Stage for Summer - #imaginehowmuchcooleryoullbe Some staging tips for summer include setting out some bright floral arrangments, have some summer scented candles placed in the home and even adding some summer themed throw pillows and splashes of blue around. A feeling of relaxation in the home will do wonders for buyers!

Bring in the Light - #letthesunsparkle Summer is not the time to bring out the heavy drapes. Open those blinds or light-weight curtains and let the light flow! Natural light is always noted as a positive for buyers, the last thing they want to see is a dismally lit space, which actually makes a space appear smaller anyway!

Be Showing Ready - #makethemexcitedtosee It's summertime, many people may want to skip out of work earlier than usual and take advantage of daylight savings. You may potentially find that buyers are wanting to tour your home during twilight hours, be open and willing for that! Let your schedule be a little more flexible and allow that twilight time to showcase your home in a beautiful way.

Summertime can be an ideal time to sell your home, you just need to know the seasonal tips! As with any time of the year the most important feature for you will be to have a dedicated agent in your corner. No one knows our area's market better than Team Gatlin. We have four amazing agents ready to walk you through the summer season and help find that perfect home for you. Give Team Gatlin a call today and let them shine for you!

Team Gatlin Leading Edge Real Estate Group 1423 Huntsville Highway Fayetteville, TN 37334

Team Gatlin Lead Agent/Broker - Susan Gatlin (256) 424-5378 Team Gatlin Agent - Charlie Sullivan (931) 308-5309 Team Gatlin Agent - Vivian Fisher (931) 224-1928 Team Gatlin Agent - Crystal Swaim (256) 337-7079

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