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Keepin' it local, Lincoln!!

One of the best perks of small town living is in supporting our local businesses. Today's blog is focused on our precious Lincoln Theatre. There's nothing that screams "small town" like heading to our theatre and relaxing in a 50's style atmosphere with a large popcorn and coke!

Lincoln Theatre was built in 1951 and still has its doors open at the same location,120 College St E. The theatre opened as a single screen with balcony which was operated by Crescent Amusement Co.; the opening day (Sept. 27, 1951) feature was Stephen McNally and Rock Hudson in “Air Cadet”. Only five months after the theatre was built, Fayetteville was struck with devastating force on Leap Day in 1952 when an EF4 tornado ripped through the town. Much of the small town was left in ruins but the new theatre was spared. Post 1964 the second floor balcony area was used as a smoking section. In June of 1982, the Lincoln Theatre went through a remodel and conversion to a two screen functionality. The balcony was closed-in to create a second screen capable of seating 200. The main floor theatre seated 335. 1982 summertime was considered by some as the best summer for movies ever. The Lincoln was renovated just in time for the release of such iconic films as E.T., Blade Runner and Poltergeist.

In 1992 the theatre was purchased by the Freehauf family, who still retains ownership today. By 2012 the Freehauf's upgraded and brought the Lincoln into the current age via digital technology. Solar panels and surround sound now add to the modern feel, while the overall demeanor still keeps that 1950's feel. Sadly, the pandemic of 2020 hit the movie industry hard, and yet the Freehauf family has managed to keep the Lincoln going strong in our community. Its marquee lights still grace our square nightly, and personalized marquee opportunities have kept it going while other theaters have seen a steady decline. From graduations to birthdays to anniversary wishes and even business advertising....personalizing the marquee has become an avenue that the community has embraced!

Team Gatlin had an amazing chance to stand beneath the iconic sign this past Christmas. Though we handle real estate throughout Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama, Lincoln County still rests near and dear to our hearts as our home base. We are proud to help sponsor our local community members and we highly recommend to everyone to participate in keeping our beautiful Lincoln Theatre as an integral part of Fayetteville. We'll see you under the marquee!

Team Gatlin Leading Edge Real Estate Group 1423 Huntsville Hwy Fayetteville, TN 37334 (931) 433-4070

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