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Pros & Cons of Subdivision Living

Living in the southern states you'll undoubtedly be familiar with various subdivisions scattered through your community. What's the difference between a neighborhood and a subdivision, you may ask? Well, neighborhoods are often identified by a place name or has boundaries of major known streets, barriers, or familiar land sites in the immediate area. Subdivisions, on the other hand, are tracts of land divided into lots specifically designed for home building purposes and are often accompanied with a home owners association. Here's a quick look at some pros and cons of subdivision living. Take a look and see if it's a fit for your family! Pros for Subdivision Living - #beapartofcommunity 1) Safety and Privacy - #keepitsafeandsound A main benefit of living in a subdivision is the idea of having a more heightened sense of protection. Folks want to ensure their kids grow up in a safe environment and living in a community such as a subdivision tends to develop closer relationships with their neighbors.

2) Peace and Quiet - #keepitmellow Subdivisions are often built off the beaten path and away from major thoroughfares. By not being a big part of the hustle and bustle of the highway and even most neighborhoods, residents are able to breath a little easier knowing there won't be much traffic on their streets. Most of the time the only activity you'll get is the neighborhood children walking and playing together! 3) Sense of Community - #keepitknittogether When you live in close proximity to neighbors you tend to develop a sense of oneness and friendship with one another. The is especially true for most subdivisions that are designed for just such a thing! Once you move in you're apt to find commonalities with your neighbors throughout the area. Knowing and developing closeness with the people in your subdivision assuredly creates a relaxed and safe atmoshphere by being surrounded with people you establish relationships with. 4) Clean Environement & Surroundins - #keepitbeautiful Predominat features of subdivisions are the standards required for each individual tract. Whether it's an HOA or just common ground rules, subdivisions are often held to a higher standard of upkeep for each property. Lawncare, cleanliness and a well-maintained ouside area all add to the overall curb appeal of the homes in the division. 5) Higher Home Value - #keepitontheupandup If you live in a home in a subdivision it is inevitably an easier sell if you ever choose to take that route. Well kept homes in these areas make it much easier to find a buyer as they are seen as family-friendly and have a positive connotation! The added fact that the area, by rule, will always be kept up and well maintained leaves you open to ask top dollar for your home!

Cons for Subdivision Living - #theremaybesomedrawbacks 1) Price & Expenses - #pricetagcanbehigher Homes built in communities such as a subdivision are typically built by developers who may have a narrow selection of available homes and therefore are less flexible in the prices charged for their properties. Addtionally, because the homes are generally kept up and maintained at a high level of charm the price tag can usually be a tad elevated. With that upkeep can often come a charge for HOA expenses (not with every division, but ranges with individual areas) which can range from minimal to OUCH on the family budget! 2) Convenience - #betterhopeyouhaveacar Subdivisions are usually built in outlying areas of the community. That makes it a bit of a distance to reach downtown areas, restaurants, stores, parks, etc. As long as residents know that and have a car accessible they are in good shape, but don't expect a lot of opportunity for public transportation in the subdivision areas! 3) Restrictions - #cantdothiscantdothat Homes in subdivions often come with a long list of what's accepted and what's not as far as your ability to renovate, paint, or alter your home. Some even restrict what types of vehicles and what number of vehicles are allowed to be parked in the driveway, for instance. Requirements may be mandated regarding lawn upkeep and landscaping features. Always a good idea to ask about these details when you look at one of these homes! 4) Society - #canbeisolated There have been some who say that subdivisions lead to a certain sense of isolation. The benefit of being off the beaten path can cause some to see that as being too segregated from the rest of the outlying community. If you are a people person who flourishes with lots of activity and don't mind more rotation of neighbors then a subdivision may not be your cup of tea.

All in all, subdivisions have a lot to offer but they may not suit everyone! Do your research and have a list ready of criteria that is important to you and your family. A key to finding the perfect home for you is finding the right agent to walk you through the process! Team Gatlin of Leading Edge Real Estate Group has Agents licensed in both Tennessee and Alabama who would love to help you find that dream home! Give them a call today and let them work their magic for you!

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