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Really "DIG" Your Garden This Spring

Spring is just around the corner and it's prime season for people to list their homes. Traditionally the spring months see the biggest influx of new listings flood the market. So what are some tips to make YOUR home stand out from the rest? Curb appeal through gardening can make or break a potential sale. People are drawn to beauty, but they also want low here's a few tips on making your home garden a draw to those buyers!

Spruce Up What You Have - #usewhatyougot

Before you dramatically alter your existing landscape, first think about what just a big of maintenance can do to what is already there. All those loose leaves from fall and winter need to be removed, no one wants to see rotting foliage. While you may keep your garden pretty clear, a spotless garden will ensure that buyers can appreciate the beauty fully! Don't go overboard in adding a lot...a little done RIGHT can go a long way!

Get Rid of Anything BIG - #nothinggigantic Huge/large objects that take up a lot of space can make your outdoor space appear smaller than it actually is. Large furniture, lawnmowers, BBQ's (even covered) and grand decor items may actually be a turn-off to some buyers. We aren't saying throw your goodies away, but moving them out of eyesight or putting them in storage can create a better impression. Without large items in the way your outside space will have a more open and spacious feel.

The Details Deserve Attention - #payattentiontothesmallstuff Does it look like your fence needs a coat of paint? May seem like a small detail, but if someone is seriously considering putting in an offer....they're looking at the details. This goes for your garden, too! If you have a patio walkway or some paving stones, check them for debris or dirt clinging to them. There's a lot to be said for a power washer. Clean walkways and stones make things look like new. Making an effort to take care of the small details like these make it more likely that you will impress the people viewing your property.

Get Your Lawn Ship-Shape - #grassisalwaysgreener Weeds, be gone! Make sure your lawn is in as pristine shape as possible. By spring and summer those lawn mowers should start getting used with frequency. Many buyers view a beautiful lawn as a very big deal. On that note, make sure your garden appeals to lawn-lovers. This way they will see it in its best light and are more likely to be reassured that it will be easy to maintain.

Have Those Bloomin' Flowers - #beautyandthebulb

A sure-fire way to impress people touring your home is by having a garden in full bloom. Adding a few plants here and there should be on your to-do list. Even if you lean towards a black vs. green-thumb, you have options available to you in the abundance of easy-to-grow plants available. There’s always the option of purchasing some ready-made pots, window baskets, and hanging baskets that you can place around. Just visit a local garden center and shop till you drop! A few dollars well spent can add just the right amount to your garden.

Knocking out just a few of this small tips can help set the stage to make your home a quick sale! People are drawn to beauty, so catch them before they even set foot in the house and grab their attention. Let the season work for you and happy gardening!

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