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Slawburger....Say What?????

It's April in Lincoln County, TN and that means one thing: time for the Slawburger Festival. So what does that even mean and how does that relate to our real estate group? Well, let me explain!

Lincoln County is known for our delicious slawburgers. Decades ago, a local Fayetteville man had the blockbuster idea of putting his mustard-based slaw on top of his grilled burgers, and the rest is history. The slaw itself adds a "sweet and sour" flavor that is definitely unique!

Nowadays, you can grab this signature Fayetteville burger at a number of restaurants local to our downtown square. Where do you find the best Slawburger? Well now, that is open for debate, everyone has their favorite! One thing is for sure though, they are found only in Fayetteville.

This year the Slawburger Festival is on Saturday, April 15th in our downtown historic square. We will have vendors galore, all the shops will be open and ready to shine, and you will have the opportunity to try a slawburger for yourself. One of the biggest highlights is the Slawburger Eating contest....and this year??? We have two of our very own Team Gatlin peeps participating! Agent Charlie Sullivan will be competing for the title of Men's Competitor winner and Marketing Rep & Fayetteville Main Street President Trish Bouldin will be fighting for Women's Competitor champ. Leading Edge Real Estate Group itself will be partnering with Mickey's Garage Bar and Grill to offer the "BEST" slawburger in town! You won't be able to miss the one-of-a-kind Leading Edge Real Estate Group Trailer....we'll have the awning out, seating set up and burgers fresh off the grill for you! If you want all the juicy details for the Slawburger Festival please go to'll find the complete list of times and details for the event. Plan on stopping by, this is one festival you DON'T want to miss!!!

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