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The Cold Never Bothered Real Estate Anyway!

It's that time of year again, February 2nd brings us the annual shenanigans of Punxsutawney Phil, American's favorite Groundhog. Every year on February 2nd our friend Phil emerges from his warm cubby to see if his shadow is seen or not. Will we be seeing spring blossoms soon? Or will we be seeing another Elsa-type blizzard heading our way? And what does Phil even have to do with the real estate world?

To be honest, Phil is an entity unto himself, but we can most definitely gain insight from his findings! 2021 has Phil viewing the long cast of his furry little shadow. It would appear that we are in for more hibernation weather for the long haul. This can be a positive on the real estate front! Are you looking to ready your home to list this spring? Guess what? You just gained another few weeks of weather to stay indoors and get those repairs and upgrades done. Take some time now to get with your realtor and run a fine tooth comb over any preparations that need to be done in order to get your house in tip-top shape and ready to market. The Northern AL and Middle TN area is being inundated with out of state families looking for homes. Now would be a wonderful time to take advantage of the flood of buyers coming our way, get that home ready!

Perhaps you are looking to buy a new home? Phil's shadow can work in your favor, too! Six more weeks of winter means you have ample time to sit in your cozy jammie bottoms, snuggle up with your blanket, coffee and computer and start perusing listings. While the rain or snow is falling outside take the opportunity to really pour over homes on the market you'd like to take a look at. If the cold never bothered you anyway this would be a great time to have your realtor schedule some viewings for you. Right now homes are selling as quickly as they are listing, so take advantage of some indoor time and use it to score the right home for you!

In any kind of weather Team Gatlin is ready to help meet all your real estate needs. Raining? Snowing? No problem. Our agents are so dedicated they'll wade through anything they need to in order to help you find the home of your dreams. Thanks for the heads up, Phil! Let's use this extra winter time to your advantage and get your real estate needs squared away before the hustle and bustle of spring hits! Give Team Gatlin a call today!

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