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Tis the Sell!!

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

It's the holiday season, so hoop-de-do and dickory dock and don't forget to hang up your sock....on a new mantle, perhaps!? While some people may view this season of the year, November thru January, as an inopportune time to put their home on the market we think there are definite advantages! We have seen that holiday buyers tend to be a bit more serious in their shopping, overall the competition is less fierce as many people are focused on other things over the holidays. If you've decided you need to sell and committed yourself to the challenge then hang the tinsel and follow a few of these tips from Team Gatlin.

  1. Deck the halls, but not TOO much. Oftentimes, homes will be at their best during a holiday season. With that being said, though, be careful not to go overboard and overdo it on the decor. Things that are extremely large or seem to crowd the home can be a distraction to buyers.

  2. Be sure and enlist a reputable real estate agent. A good agent will work hard on your behalf and won't disappear just because a holiday rears its head. Ask around your community and get a list of agents who will go above and beyond to work for you and your real estate needs. Hiring just the right agent takes the stress of your shoulders and gives you a little more time to enjoy your holiday season!

  3. Look for buyers who are motivated. People who begin their house hunt during the holiday season are usually die-hards, they want their home and they are motivated to find the right one. Worth with your agent closely and target your buyers. Look for people relocating to your area, military personnel being re-stationed, etc. People that MUST find a home are the ones to target during this time frame!

  4. Be sure and price your home to sell. Want there to be a reason for buyers to feel merry? Make sure your home is priced appropriately for the market. Be competitive, yet set a price that is fair and will draw people in with the prospects of the home.

  5. Consider curb appeal to be a priority. Right about this time of year the leaves start falling. That leaves a bare yard, both front and back, and that leads to more exterior of your home shining thru. Be sure and keep the outside of your home touched up. Do some paint touch-ups, keep your gutters clear and make sure your yard is kept up constantly. If you live in inclement weather be sure that your walkways and stairs are free from ice, snow and fallen leaves.

  6. Make your real estate photos top of the line. The weather outside may be frightful, but no reason your pictures can't be delightful! Photos are the window from the internet into what your home looks like. A solid tip is to include a picture of your home during the spring or summer months, let people see what it looks like in a different setting other than today's! Draw people in via pictures and that is a sure way to score some serious viewings!

  7. Create a video tour of your home. Due to weather and holiday schedules you may get less actual foot traffic or in person showings. This would be a great time to shoot a walk thru video of your home. Post away and let people peruse your home from the leisure of theirs. Avoiding a storm or hard weather but still seeing the inside clearly is a great way to set up a home buy!

  8. Make it inviting. While we want to let it snow, let it snow, let is snow...making your home inviting and cozy is a great way to draw people in. Turn the heat up a smidgen, have some soft holiday music playing in the background, make an atmosphere that people will want to create for themselves in the home!

  9. Relax and enjoy the process. Don't let the stress of the holidays put a damper on your enthusiasm to sell. Remind yourself that while this is a great time to sell your home, there's always next year too. And after all, next year is only a few days away!

Team Gatlin is excited to work with you in this holiday season! There's no place like home for the let us help you sell or buy this season!! Call Team Gatlin today and let's get started on your holiday home sell!

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